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Rebates cushion Canada’s car industry from retaliatory tariffs

The #TimesUp movement

has placed women’s voices at the forefront of the conversation about inappropriate workplace behavior. Thanks to many brave whistleblowers

, organizations are purging their rolls of toxic characters and upending traditionally stifling workplace cultures. While the past few months have seen some preliminary progress, there’s still a long way to go, as made startlingly obvious by a recent Sourcemedia survey.
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Reading this article, I felt deeply ashamed to be a part of the industry with the highest recorded prevalence of sexual harassment. I can’t say, over my long career, that I’ve never witnessed it, but the amount of my female peers who report this inexcusable treatment was jarring to me, and ought to be a wake up call for all of us. I take a great deal of pride in wealth management work. I’ve committed my life to providing a helping hand, being a voice of empowerment for people to take control of their own finances, and by extension, their lives. I’d be a failure if I didn’t live out these same traits as an ally to women in the industry.


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