Quality Policy



Quality of all employees 

All employees participate in quality management. In the process of manufacturing, problems are found and reported, so as to solve problems and continuously improve problems to improve product quality and yield and achieve customer satisfaction.

Conflict Minerals Statement

Do not support or use metals from armed conflicts or illegal mining, so-called “conflict minerals.” Suppliers should investigate the gold, tantalum, tin, tungsten and other metals in their products, and confirm that these metals come from

Environmental policy guidelines

Fujia Industrial is mainly engaged in the manufacturing, R&D and design of connectors, aerospace, communications and 3C electronic components. The company’s environmental policy covers all activities in the entire plant and will handle environmental issues in a responsible and caring manner. , To fulfill the corporate responsibility and commitment to the society and the goal of sustainable operation. All employees uphold the concept of environmental policy. In addition to implementing the regulations on environmental management of parts and materials (SS-00259), it also promotes the concept of environmental protection by all employees. , Work together to create a pollution-free, healthy and comfortable living environment for future generations.

Our environmental policy is:

Cherish resources, pollution prevention, the whole staff continue to contribute to the environmental protection.

We promise to implement the spirit of pollution prevention and continuous improvement to the following guidelines, as the direction of all employees:
  1. Comply with the content specified in the Regulations on Substances for Environmental Management of Parts and Materials (SS-00259). Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the international, national, regional and even the company.
  2. Implement the three no policy, do not use, do not purchase, and do not ship first-level environmental management substances that contain environmental management substances.
  3. Take effective measures to control waste water, exhaust gas, and noise, and treat wastes rationally; make good use of energy, water and raw materials, minimize waste, make the best use of materials or recycle waste. Gradually affect the environmental performance of suppliers and contractors, so as to continuously improve the environmental performance of the company.
  4. Carry out garbage classification, do not use styrofoam, and products that are not perishable.
  5. Educate and encourage all employees to take the initiative to continuously improve the company’s environmental management system.