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Good service is our commitment.

Fu Chia was founded in 1979

We are a professional zinc, aluminum and magnesium die casting manufacturer.

Fu Chia was founded in 1979, specializing in die casting. We have 6 factories in Taiwan and Mainland China. The capacity includes tooling design and fabrication, die casting manufacture, secondary machining, finish, and assembly.

Hardware and lock initially took majority ratio in Fu Chia. Electronics has rapidly developed since 1985. It provided high demands for die casting parts. Therefore, Fu Chia started to produce optic fiber, electronic components and connectors. Our product spreads in Asia, America and Europe. Most of our customers are well-known companies and we got good reputation from them because of our excellent performance.

We are a professional zinc, aluminum and magnesium die casting manufacturer. All customers impress our engineering abilities and manufacture. Furthermore, our strict quality control ensures best quality and has Fu Chia be certificated by ISO-9001 and IATF-16949.
Improvement never stops in Fu Chia. Good service is our commitment. We devote ourselves to technique innovation on tooling and manufacture, because the satisfaction of all customers is our goal.

Headquarter and Wu Ku plant

Established in 1992
Product:Automotive, RF connector and 3C components
Manufacturing:Zinc die casting/Secondary machining/Liquid paint/Assembly

Tam Shui plant

Established in 1987
Product:RF connector, Optical fiber, Automotive connectors..
Manufacturing:Zinc die casting/Barrel plating/Secondary machining/Product assembly

Sam Ji plant

Established in 1999
Product:Industry, Aerospace and Military connectors Manufacturing:Aluminum & Magnesium die casting/Secondary machining/Assembly